Five Reasons Sales Of Licensed Used Cars Are Surging

An enhancing economy minimizing gas costs are driving strong interest in new and used cars. The U.S. auto market is now poised to report its sixth consecutive year of growth, which may set a brand new record. Although sales of recent vehicles are usually probably the most lucrative, a comparatively new market segment is rapidly attaining ground.

A Brand New Used Vehicle?

Based on a current report from, sales of licensed used cars leaped to two.3 million in 2014. That’s about 20 % from the entire pre-possessed market, which might signal a substantial change in the manner People in america look for secondhand automobiles. Listed here are five causes of this transformation.

1. Leasing

For any vehicle to become recognized right into a licensed pre-possessed program (CPO), it has to have low mileage, no good reputation for major bodywork, and become merely a couple of years of age. Consequently, many (possibly even most) CPO automobiles were leased appliances were came back towards the car dealership in excellent shape. The car dealership may then ask them to completely looked over and, if recognized with a CPO program, offered as licensed automobiles.

2. Affordable Prices

Despite the fact that licensed used cars tend to be more costly than comparable secondhand models, they are much more affordable than brand-brand new ones. With depreciation rates of roughly 50 % for any five-year-old auto, it’s no surprise that lots of consumers use CPO automobiles in order to save a great deal of money.

3. Nearly New

Whenever you go to the average used vehicle lot, if you notice that the majority of the automobiles are past their prime driving years. A typical age approximately 6 and fifteen years isn’t whatsoever uncommon. In comparison, most licensed autos are quite recent models, frequently between three and 5 years old. As you may expect, the truth that they can be much more youthful implies that they are and in far better mechanical and aesthetic shape.

4. Warranty Coverage

When a vehicle is recognized right into a CPO program, its manufacturer issues a long warranty. Similar to the regular factory warranty that is included with brand new cars, these written guarantees shield you against alternative or repair inside a number of months. With respect to the program, the typical warranty should purchase minor automotive methods in the car dealership, for example oil changes and tire rotations.

5. Security

Purchasing a pre-possessed auto happens to be a large gamble because you will find simply no guarantees that it’ll act as intended. A licensed vehicle, however, removes the majority of the mystery, because of a number of guarantees that ensure its quality and safety. Additionally towards the fundamental warranty, purchasers can take heart in the truth that these used cars and trucks are completely looked over by automotive experts prior to being recognized right into a CPO program.

With lots of more benefits than costs, it’s no surprise sales of licensed pre-possessed autos are rising in an unparalleled pace.

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