Great Classic Vehicle Detailing Strategies For Wheels And Engine

So youve finally finished rebuilding the classic car you’ve always dreamt of. It runs great and youre prepared to go to some vehicle show or perhaps a cruise evening.

Regrettably, it must be detailed. If youve spent lots of money rebuilding the vehicle yourself, youre most likely searching at detailing the vehicle yourself too. For many, detailing might be harder compared to restoration.

However, vehicle detailing isn’t as tough since you may think.

The most crucial factor about detailing is giving yourself sufficient time to complete the job right. If you do not, your vehicle will appear terrible with no you will understand the restoration job you probably did.

Weve outlined two most typical detailing trouble spots below, your wheels/tires and engine. Weve also incorporated some tips about how to neat and polish these trouble spots.

Problem Area The Engine: If you are seeing a vehicle show, you would like the engine to appear great. Cleaning a classic car engine is among the more tricky detailing steps. Before you begin washing the engine, make sure the engine is cold. You are able to injure yourself by trying to wash a warm engine.

When washing the engine take the next steps:

Make sure to cover the intake, any filters along with the alternator.

Make use of a degreaser to get rid of grease buildup within the engine bay.

Rinse the degreaser off and employ a brush to get rid of any excess grease and grime.

Allow the engine dry and apply and polishes and/or waxes to help make the engine shine.

Following these steps can get your engine searching great for your forthcoming vehicle show.

Problem Area The Tires And Wheels

Your classic cars tires and wheels are most likely another part you need to look spotless before a vehicle show or cruise evening. Individuals have different techniques to get great searching wheels and tires.

The most crucial part is locating a good tire dressing formula that won’t cause sling. If you are not really acquainted with the word “sling,” it is the process once the tire dressing formula splatters to the bumpers and door while driving.

If you would like your vehicle to appear great, youre have to a great tire dressing formula.

Once youve found a great tire dressing formula adopt these measures:

Spray wheels and tires getting rid of any lose grime and brake dust.

Make use of a tire cleaner together with a tire brush to get rid of brake dust and grime.

Rinse tires again and dry. Make sure to remove all traces from the tire cleaner.

Use a tire dressing formula to tires. Make sure to follow directions around the bottle.

Following these steps will make your wheels and tires look wonderful for your forthcoming vehicle show or cruise evening.


Washing the engine and tires are two most difficult areas to wash on the classic car. Following a steps above will keep you classic car searching great.

Take proper care of any routine maintenance challenges before taking your vehicle to some vehicle show or cruise evening. Getting a car repair manual will help you with maintenance issues. Auto repair manuals for traditional cars can take you step-by-step through various maintenance issues.