How to locate and Deciper Ford 8N Tractor Ghd Serial Numbers

A Ford 8N tractor serial number is the initial step in obtaining maintenance parts for that famous 8n tractor.

This tractor was an enhanced model from the forerunners, the 9N and so the 2N tractor models, and roughly 1 / 2 of millions of (500,000) was manufactured between This summer 1947 to 1952.

The Ford 8N tractor serial number continues to be placed to the engine block, and many likely by hand made by using separate embossing tools. This, the ghd serial numbers aren’t entirely aligned, and often can be displayed inside a zigzag fashion, The 8N tractor serial number are available around the left hands side (situated while located on the tractor) from the engine block, near the oil filter, and roughly half inch (1/2″) to 1 inch (1″) underneath the cylinder mind. The 8n tractor serial number are available right from the oil filter, searching in the engine sitting on the left hands side from the tractor.

Considering that these trucks were built-in since 1947, the dpi could be hidden by rust or fresh paint. An average Ford 8N tractor serial number may be like 8N433589, using the model being 8N, and also the serial number 433589. Used however, both amounts aren’t separated. At the start and ending from the ghd serial numbers, are put gemstone formed or star formed symbols, which signify the beginning and finish from the serial number.

Thus, the given number above may be like *8N433589*. Additionally for this 8N tractor serial number, you will find other casting amounts around the axle and engine block that may assisted in the identification from the machine. Out of the amounts, the engine block embossed number would look something similar to A291. This is often deciphered as “A” representing The month of january, 29, may be the 29th day’s the month, and also the last number “1” signifies 1951 because the year of manufacture. Other beginning letters could be similarly deciphered, for instance, “B” would make reference to Feb.

Typically for Ford 8N Tractor Serial number, in1947 the very first tractor serial number was 8N1. Starting in 1978, this started with 8N37908, in 1949, 8N1411370, in 1950, 8N245637, in 1951, 8N343198, in 1952, 8N44235, as well as in 1953, 8N540030.

Manufacture of this tractor led to 1953, and Ford started producing another model, the Ford NAA.

You will find other distinguishing factors between these models between your year s1947 to 1953 you can use as year of manufacture identification. One particular example is the position of the distributor. The “N” series trucks had front mount marketers between your years 1939 to 195, and between your years 1950 to 1952, it was transformed to some side mount distributor.