Robert Zemeckis- Among The Prominent Hollywood Company directors

Robert Zemeckis can be put within the ranks of individuals prominent Hollywood company directors who’ve designed a mark in film history by looking into making a few of the excellent Hollywood films. Using condition-of-the-art technology, dark comedy, broad humor, and efficient story telling techniques are notable qualities of his films. His films never remain certain to particular film genre but spans across various genres. He’s used effects, CGI, and most advanced technology to produce technological films that has won him several honours.

Early Existence and Initial Times of Career

Zemeckis curiosity about films started at young age as he first handled an 8 mm camera in senior high school. Zemeckis was strongly affected by movies of William Castle in the childhood. The Blob was the very first film Zemeckis saw which affected him hugely. Because of his curiosity about films, he visited attend USC film school. Here he met his writing partner Bob Gale and graduated in 1973. Zemeckis received a student Academy Award in 1973 for his student film, Area of Recognition. Steven Spielberg and John Milius, who’re the alumni of USC Film School, appreciated this project by Zemeckis. Zemeckis made his directorial debut through I Wanna Hold Your Hands that they wrote together with Gale. Later both Zemeckis and Gale authored for a lot of films and a number of them continued to get greatest grossing films available.


Robert Zemeckis made his directorial debut with I Wanna Hold Your Hands that was launched in 1978. The storyline is placed around sixties when Beatles had bigger than existence image and involves six teens who set to satisfy the Beatles. His next two movies 1941 in 1979, Used Cars in 1980 couldn’t prosper in the box-office but won him critical acclaim. Later back in 1984, Romancing the Stone an intimate adventure film directed by him got him tremendous amount of success. But, Zemeckis sampled real success through his film To the near future (1985) that was an enormous hit. Its sequels To the near future II (1989) and To the near future III (1990) were also launched subsequently. Zemeckis later directed films like Dying Becomes Her (1992), Forrest Gump (1994), Contact (1997), What Lies Beneath (2000), and Cast Away (2001) which all did well in the box-office. He won six oscars including Best Picture and finest Director for Forrest Gump. Robert Zemeckis and Joe Silver also possess a production company Dark Castle Entertainment founded in 1999. A Christmas Carol (2009) was the most recent film written and directed by Zemeckis.

Utilization of Technology and Effects in Films

Using effects is prominent feature in the majority of the Zemeckis movies. Who Presented Roger Rabbit? (1988) had animation and live action inside it that was a technological triumph and won him four oscars. Using most advanced technology, CGI, and effects is visible extensively in lots of of his films like Forrest Gump, To the near future trilogy, The Polar Express, Beowulf, The Christmas Carol etc. Because of his efforts, in 2001, the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts was opened up that is condition-of-the-art digital training facility in the USC Film School also is first available in US.

Why is the Zemeckis movies intriguing and entertaining may be the mixture of effective story telling technique, effects, and employ laptop or computer produced imagery. He is among the prominent company directors who incorporated most advanced technology in films and produced an indication in technological film history.