The Fundamental Technical Specs Of RC Nitro Gas Automobiles Simplified For Novices

RC Nitro Gas automobiles – how can you know the technical aspects and aspects of such rc automobiles? Inside a previous article, some technical particulars of rc electric automobiles were listed as well as their terminology clarified. This short article concentrates on understanding an average specs for rc nitro gas automobiles.

This is a listing of the very most common features and functionality found with rc nitro gas automobiles, based on the specs for any ‘Hispeed Pace-Setter 1/tenth Scale GP On-Road Racing Car’


o Glow Starter (Engine Starter for rc nitro gas vehicle)

o Four wheel straight shaft drive system.

o Front/rear differentials with higher quality bevel gears in addition to with 5 screws simple for maintenance.

o 6061/T6 solid anodized aluminium chassis.

o 13.8g lightweight aluminium flywheel enables for convenient engine response.

o Solid universal joint cup/high end ballbearings complete.

o Disc brake system with user exchangeable pads provides quick brake response.

o Huge capacity leak proof gas tank using the overflow pipe and spring loaded fill cover quick re-filling.

o Pre-trimmed V-tread durable tires.

o Oil filled shock springs and top quality shocks provide excellent protection against shock.

o High flow dual foam element air conditioning filter (user serviceable).

o Large front bumper with higher quality sponge provide good protection against accidental impacts.


o Vehicle length: 360 mm

o Vehicle Width: 200 mm

o Height: 112 mm

o Wheelbase: 260 mm

o Gear Ratio: 1:7.67

o Weight: roughly 1665g

o Ground Clearance: 4.5 mm

o Wheel Diameter: 65 mm

o Wheel Width: 26 mm

o Engine level: 15/16cxp

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to be focusing around the rc nitro gas vehicle specific options that come with this specs only:

Glow Starter / Advanced Engine Starter / Glow Plug Igniter –

This is actually the igniter for that rc nitro gas vehicle engine. This product is run by one Nickel Cadmium battery. Towards the top of the rc nitro engine, you need to look for a Glow Plug, that you attach the Glow Starter. Once the Glow Plug gets hotter (it really lights up!) and also you remotely start the rc nitro engine, the nitro fuel ignites as well as your rc nitro gas vehicle is able to burn rubber!

Lightweight aluminium flywheel –

The rc nitro gas engine is really a scaly-lower, two stroke car engine. The flywheel design enables for any quick response out of this rc nitro gas motor.

Gas Tank –

A leak proof, large capacity gas tank with overflow. Refuelling your rc nitro gas vehicle is fast and simple – from the squeezy bottle. For the nitro fuel, check that you simply purchase the nitro methane variety for the rc nitro gas vehicle, rather than the gasoline that you simply fill your car with around the forecourt. In either case, a security warning: rc nitro gas fuel is flammable.

One of the leading challenges with running an rc nitro gas vehicle, specifically for beginning rc fanatics, is beginning the engine. For this reason you should try to comprehend the technical issues from the rc nitro gas engine components – greatly such as the abilities and understanding that the auto technician who creates a real life automobile has. With experience however, and a few fundamental mechanical abilities, you can soon goal for any high-finish rc nitro gas vehicle you could build from the package, or construct from engine and mechanical components you have acquired individually yourself.

Not surprisingly, the price of possession of rc nitro gas automobiles is commonly greater than rc electric automobiles. This really is clearly because of the needs from the car engine.

The rest of the features within the specs above for that rc nitro gas vehicle are often present with rc electric automobiles too. These functions were described inside a previous article that focussed on rc electric automobiles.

To summarize, your possession choices for your rc nitro gas vehicle are whether you need to run it on road or off-road and whether you want to construct an rc nitro gas vehicle yourself in order to get it out of the box, prepared to run. Regardless, just become a specialist simply by being aware of what makes your rc nitro gas vehicle tick and what’s essential to run your rc nitro gas vehicle at optimum efficiency – without getting too ‘geeky’ within the technical specs.