The Guide To Using A Mobile Car Repair Company

It is such a hassle being without your car, when you are used to it being there for every trip.

If your car failed its MOT on headlamp performance, the chances are that the garage would recommend you having new headlamp modules fitted.

Headlamp modules can cost over GBP300 each and then the fitting of them would further increase your bill.

Did you know that a mobile car repair company can refurbish your headlamps, hence increasing performance and enabling your vehicle to pass its MOT. The cost to refurbish rather than buy new modules is achieved as a fraction of the price. The time taken also is much less and can be carried out at your place of work meaning no hassle for you.

Alloy wheels can also be refurbished to a gleaming showroom finish in just two hours. With new paint and lacquer systems the alloy wheel can be made to look new again. If you are selling your car its a good investment to make.

Mobile car repair companies were first established in the UK in 1994. Since then around 3 other companies have joined the marketplace. Most of the companies are franchise businesses.

For this reason it is useful to check how long your car repair person has been practicing for as the jobs being carried out are skilled and will get better with experience.

Also check that the company you are talking to has insurance. You never know. If an accident occurs you need to ensure that the company is insured to cover and extra costs.

Mobile car repair companies often market themselves as SMART. This stands for small to medium area repair technology.

The SMART repairer will usually offer the following:

alloy wheel refurbishment, car windscreen repairs, seat repairs, interior repairs, and panel repairs to the exterior of the car. Panel repairs means removal of scratches dents and dings on the bodywork. Latterly they also offer headlamp refurbishment as mentioned above, and also bumper repair. A small prang can cause bumper damage alone. Whilst your first instinct is to call the insurance company you are usually better to have the bumper repairs by a mobile SMART repairer. The cost will be minimal and you will not lose your no-claim bonus. They will come to you and the repair will do done in an hour or so.

Many companies advertise there services features and benefits on You Tube. It is worth having a look before you choose a company to use.

It is tempting when watching these videos to have a go yourself. However be aware that the professionals use professional products and equipment. There kit is specifically designed to give high quality results and cost so much more that those available in the local car store.

For example a car buffer in a car store will help give you car a shiny finish after washing it, but buffing after a paint job, is not a suitable applicable. The buffer simply does not have the power that a professional one does.

The paints available in the car store are very different to those used by the professionals. The technicians use spray guns and have special drying apparatus. The ones available to the public and aerosols, which can usually end up with paint runs on the panels.

It can be quite a surprise to see just how affordable SMART car repairs are and the excellent high quality results that can be achieved.