Tremec Tko500 And Tko600 5-speed Transmissions

Tremec is definitely an OE transmission manufacturer that supplies manual transmissions for Vehicle, Ford, Chrysler, Aston Martin, and lots of medium and high duty truck programs. Their TKO transmission is really a high strength overdrive manual 5-speed which was initially made to be retrofitted into Mustang Fox body cars to exchange the less strong T5, but probably bolt to the standard Ford four speed passenger vehicle bellhousing. When Tremec recognized that fanatics were adapting it for GM programs, they made the decision to take advantage of an enormous chance and convey a GM form of the TKO too.

The GM version will bolt directly as much as just about any standard Chevrolet/Buick/Olds/Pontiac passenger vehicle four-speed bellhousing. Though only Ford and GM versions from the TKO can be found, Mopar fanatics could possibly get all of the custom parts they have to adapt a Ford version TKO to almost any Mopar V8 engine from Keisler Engineering. The TKO has not been original equipment in almost any production vehicle, although its great-grand daddy, the Tremec TR-3550 was at a restricted-production Ford Mustang Cobra within the mid the nineteen nineties. The TKO is solely an aftermarket transmission created for high-performance cars.

You will find three fundamental models available: the TKO-500 and 2 versions from the TKO-600. The wide-ratio TKO-500 is ranked for any continuous 500 lb.-foot. of torque, while offering an in-depth 3.27:1 first gear ratio along with a 32% overdrive ratio in fifth gear. The close-ratio TKO-600 is ranked for any continuous 600 lb.-foot. of torque, and it has a couple.87:1 first gear and only an 18% overdrive or perhaps a 36% overdrive ratio in fifth gear. The ranked torque capabilities are stated to become quite conservative, as you will find a substantial quantity of cars within the area with engines that exceed the torque rating with a large margin, and failures are rare.

The TKO utilizes a three-rail internal change mechanism, getting rid of any exterior linkage and also the adjustment problems that opt for it. Rapid throw billet aluminum shifter can be taken off, turned 180 levels, after which reinstalled to supply yet another change position. Optional custom shifters can also be found from Keisler Engineering in a number of different designs to imitate the change positions in a variety of musclecars. The TKO utilizes surefire change forks, a 1-piece counter shaft, and tapered curler bearings around the input, output, and counter shafts for additional strength.

Every TKO transmission provides both mechanical and electronic speedometer results. The mechanical output is really a Ford design, but you will get hybrid speedometer cables for GM or Mopar programs. Additionally they have a reverse light switch along with a neutral safety switch that may be wired to your vehicle’s existing harness. The transmission comes with an internal reverse lockout feature that stops you against accidentally going from fifth gear into reverse. You need to enter in the core “Neutral” gate before it will help you to change into reverse.

The Tremec TKO is a superb option for the musclecar, hotrod or street fishing rod owner that likes shifting their own gears and wishes to drive his vehicle to distant vehicle shows or any other occasions. I’ve one out of my 1967 Pontiac Firebird and also have driven many other cars with TKO transmissions installed. The overdrive makes a significant difference on the road, and there are not many other overdrive transmission options available which will endure the type of energy the TKO may take. No other overdrive transmissions offered at this time around offer just as much flexibility because the Tremec TKO.