Understanding Abs plastic Versus. Metal Classic Corvettes Restoration

If you are thinking about classic Corvettes restoration, you’ve two primary choices for body materials – abs plastic and steel. While just about all cars in the 20’s and 30s were created from steel, classic Corvettes restoration fanatics frequently go for more recent abs plastic physiques. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, and what’s perfect for one enthusiast might not work very well for an additional. Here are the what exactly you need to think about when choosing your materials for traditional Corvettes restoration.

Boasting Privileges

Although abs plastic physiques are frequently better, enthusiasts typically view steel because the defacto standard for traditional Corvettes. It’s that authentic look, feel, and high weight similar to pre-World war 2 American cars. Even steel reproductions of old Corvettes physiques are noticed as “more authentic” compared to abs plastic models.


In nearly every situation, a abs plastic body will probably be less expensive than its metal counterpart. Counting your body work and classic car fresh paint jobs frequently necessary with metal originals, rebuilding Corvettes with steel physiques may cost over 10000 dollars greater than with abs plastic.

The main difference in cost does not always reflect a positive change in quality, however. Although abs plastic was once seen as an cheap imitation material, information mill now making glass physiques which feel and look almost just like the originals. This value may be the primary reason behind the common utilization of abs plastic one of the classic Corvettes community.


The supply of abs plastic reproductions usually is dependent on current trends within the restoration market. Even though it is generally simpler to locate a given vehicle body produced from abs plastic than from steel, deficiencies in interest in a particular year’s model makes it difficult to get.

However, the supply of steel originals is untouched by market trends. Some steel Corvettes physiques are tricky to find, certain models might not exist whatsoever in abs plastic. For traditional Corvettes restorers thinking about more rare models, steel might be the only real viable choice.

Environment Conditions

Steel and abs plastic are generally susceptible to deterioration from certain elements. Steel is resilient under an array of temps, however it corrodes easily. People who reside in wet or snowy areas will thus think it is simpler to keep abs plastic Corvettes.

However, abs plastic can certainly warp in hot conditions. At these times, additionally, it releases chemicals in to the air and may turn a dull eco-friendly color. If available, steel might be a more sensible choice for fanatics who will need to store their cars in hot areas.


For amateur restorers, steel could be much simpler to utilize than abs plastic. It takes little special equipment or training, and straightforward cutting, grinding, and welding techniques are frequently sufficient for corrections and repairs. Making repairs to abs plastic necessitates the precise mixing, cutting, and lounging of recent glass. Overall, the fabric is a smaller amount forgiving than steel.

Obviously, these concerns are just vital that you individuals who intend on doing their very own body work. For traditional Corvettes restoration fanatics who would like physiques already in excellent repair, reproductions – most frequently abs plastic – might be the best choice.

For those who have a vintage Corvettes restoration project that’s languishing since you insist it be achieved right with zero tolerance for low quality work, then call an expert let’s focus on a totally free, private consultation regarding your project, just how much it’ll cost you and just how lengthy it will require to accomplish.